Thursday, August 28, 2008

100% BAD PAGE 05

I've never done this before, just want you to know. I may be a jerk but I've never been rude to someone who brings me food, that's in the Fat Man's Code. As you can see though, Jack is not fat, he has no problem making Doris fish the change out of his back-washed coffee cup.

Wednesday, August 20, 2008

100% BAD is now online

Special thanks to Paul Hughes for letting me bounce the story idea off of him, and for helping me decide on naming Red. Thanks Puff-Puff. 

Well it's finally here, 100% BAD is now online. A few days late but as I was about to start posting I suddenly realized that I hadn't created a cover for 100% BAD. I have always loved the covers of the silver and golden age comics and for 100% BAD I wanted to show my love for these gems by using them as the inspiration  for 100% BAD's covers. 
A golden guinea to the one who can match the cover to the original classic cover.